Cross censored on TV




I was channel surfing last Friday night and noticed one thing while switching to Net-25, a television station controlled and possibly owned by the Inglesia ni Cristo*. I was watching the station’s news program called “World Report.”

The pictures you’re seeing are from Mr. Jun Lozada‘s Friday testimony at the Philippine Senate regarding an alleged overpriced and highly corrupted proposed government contract. The first picture, on the very top, is a close-up of Mr. Lozada with two catholic nuns behind him. These nuns were wearing a cross, which is not out of the ordinary. Net-25 censored the image of the cross by it whiting-out. Obscuring it as if hiding a brand or something nude. It is as if a cross is something obscene.

What was Net-25 thinking?

(images taken from television by mobile phone camera)

*The Iglesia ni Cristo (also known as INC or Iglesya ni Kristo, literally Tagalog for Church of Christ, pronounced [ɪˈgleʃɐ ni ˈkxɾisto]) is a nontrinitarian Christian restorationist religious organization that originated in the Philippines The INC was founded in the Philippines by Felix Y. Manalo on July 27, 1914;The most basic component of the INC’s beliefs is that founder Felix Manalo was sent from God to reestablish the Christian Church in its true form and that the original church was apostatized. The organization denies the doctrine of the Trinity, as well as the Divinity of Jesus. [from]

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