Malaysia Airlines Zero Fares Around ASEAN

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Just last Monday morning I just learned that Malaysia Airlines (MH) is offering Zero and discounted fares around South East Asia. This includes travel between Manila/Cebu to Kuala Lumpur/Kota Kinabalu.

Please check it out here. (Please read the terms and conditions fully before you hit submit!) The booking period ends Tuesday 3 June 2008 and travel period is from 1 July to 14 December 2008. I have booked tickets myself and I was only charged about USD 125.00

Here is the actual breakdown:

Philippines: Travel Tax = USD 37.20 (PHP 1620.00) each
Malaysia: Passenger Service Charge = USD 15.80 each
Surcharge = USD 71.90 each

[By the way, I called the MH office in Makati to verify if the taxes on my e-ticket really includes the PHP 1620 travel tax. The representative at reservations confirmed it.]

I’ve tried comparing my fare if I were to fly via Air Asia (AK) but I get a better deal with MH because the travel tax in already included in the total fare. Also, MH lands at NAIA (Ninoy Aquino International Airport) and the ultra modern KLIA (Kuala Lumpur International Airport) in Manila not unlike AK that uses DMIA (Diosdado Macapagal International Airport) and the KLIA – LCCT (Low Cost Carrier Terminal).

I cannot wait until I fly to KL!

[Disclaimer: No compensation received or will be received from MH by posting this on my blog.]

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