Clinton Suspends Presidential Campaign

Hillary Clinton

Last Saturday, Senator Hillary Clinton of New York has conceded and has ended her presidential campaign. She has also endorsed Senator Barack Obama from Illinois.

I am personally saddened by her defeat. I really believed that she would have been the better candidate and eventually the better president.

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Breaking News: EO 464 lifted

Source: WikipediaMarch 5, 2008 04:43 PM: ABS-CBN News Channel reports that President Gloria Arroyo has lifted EO 464 effective immediately.

The revocation will allow government officials to answer Senate inquiries without her prior consent.

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Clinton takes key primary polls

(Excerpt) Hillary Clinton has revived her campaign for the US presidency with projected primary election wins in three states.US media say she has taken the Democratic primary polls in Texas, Ohio and Rhode Island. The results of caucus meetings in Texas are not yet known.Rival Democrat Barack Obama took the primary in the state of Vermont. BBC News Full Story

This is indeed great news for the Clinton campaign after several set backs. I really wish she wins the Democratic nominations and become the United States President.

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Pot calling the kettle black De Venecia calls for Arroyo resignation

(Excerpt) Pangasinan Representative Jose De Venecia has called on President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo to resign, saying it is “hopeless” for her to lead a moral revolution. Full story.

Rep. Jose de Venecia is the greatest hypocrite! He’s not so clean himself. Shame on you JDV!

Charter Change for Faster, Cheaper and Cleaner Elections (if computerization is not an option)

During election time in the Philippines I always hear people from all sides of the political spectrum and those “know-it-all” columnists, bloggers and pseudo experts that the Philippines conducts the slowest elections. These people also say that we need to modernize the elections.

Why is elections slow in the country besides the fact that it is manually counted? Its due to the fact that during synchronized national and local elections, people vote for a number of positions. For example during a presidential and local government elections in my city I would have to vote for the following: (the list is longer for those voting in provinces)

President (1)
Vice-President (1)
Senators (12)
Party List (1)
Congressman (1)
Mayor (1)
Vice-Mayor (1)
City Counselors (8)

In India during their national elections, thanks to their electoral/political system and their electronic voting machines, Indians only vote for their Member of Parliament nothing else.

To make elections faster in the Philippines there are only two options, modernize/computerize the election process or shift into a parliamentary political system to elect just an MP for the national parliament.