Breaking News: EO 464 lifted

Source: WikipediaMarch 5, 2008 04:43 PM: ABS-CBN News Channel reports that President Gloria Arroyo has lifted EO 464 effective immediately.

The revocation will allow government officials to answer Senate inquiries without her prior consent.

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Some thoughts

  • The fight against corruption and for good governance does not start and end with ousting a president.  It must always start from the ordinary citizens.  Change from the grass roots is lasting and it cleans the system from the inside out.
  • The search for the truth, accountability and solutions must always be guided by the rule of law and for the common good.  If the search is born out of rage or strong emotions, one becomes vulnerable and easy prey for those with selfish interests and those who are power hungry.

Pot calling the kettle black De Venecia calls for Arroyo resignation

(Excerpt) Pangasinan Representative Jose De Venecia has called on President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo to resign, saying it is “hopeless” for her to lead a moral revolution. Full story.

Rep. Jose de Venecia is the greatest hypocrite! He’s not so clean himself. Shame on you JDV!

The Eve of Valentines Day

Source: FlickrIn the Philippines the day before Valentines Day, February 13th is known to be the mistresses’ day. Since cheating husbands and boyfriends cannot be with their mistresses on the 14th they celebrate it the day before.

Motel operators in Metro Manila know that they get more customers on this day than Valentines Day.

The 10 Unlikely Survivor Destinations or Themes

1. Survivor: Payatas
Payatas in Quezon City is an infamous garbage dumpsite in Metro Manila. See how challengers sift their way through the stench and the filth.

2. Survivor: Antarctica
Let us see how the tribes manage to live in the coldest pace on Earth.

3. Survivor: Basilan
A province in the south of the Philippines known to be the hideout of an terrorist group. Tribes must out wit and outsmart each other and the bandits.

4. Survivor: Siberia
This place is not so cold as the South Pole but perhaps offering more vegetation.

5. Survivor: The Sewers
The entire Survivor season will take place inside the sewer system of either Paris, London or New York.

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Pasig River Ferry Trip

Source: WikipediaOn Thursday, January 3, 2008 I rode the Pasig River Ferry with a friend before going to our former offices to process some paperwork from our former employer.

The trip costs PHP 45.00 or about a little over USD 1.00 from Guadalupe to Plaza Mexico, Intramuros, Manila. Its a 45 minute boat ride. The vessel is airconditioned, clean and looked modern and safe.

For me the highlight of the trip was passing along the Malacañang Palace, the official home of the President of the Philippines. No pictures were allowed to be taken, for security reasons of course. However, I can say that the palace was really nice. I hope I can visit it if not live there one day. LOL!


Photo taken inside Guadalupe ferry station, near Guadalupe MRT and ABC Mall and Cinema


Photo of boarding gates taken inside Guadalupe ferry station



Photo of another Pasig river ferry vessel, taken inside the ferry bound for Plaza Mexico, Intramuros, Manila


Photo taken inside the ferry from where I was seated. There is an LCD video screen on the front showing a film similar to intercity buses.


Some communities along the Guadalupe, Makati part of Pasig River





Photos of Hulo, Lambingan, P.U.P. and Escolta Stations



Photos of buildings near Escolta station

Charter Change for Faster, Cheaper and Cleaner Elections (if computerization is not an option)

During election time in the Philippines I always hear people from all sides of the political spectrum and those “know-it-all” columnists, bloggers and pseudo experts that the Philippines conducts the slowest elections. These people also say that we need to modernize the elections.

Why is elections slow in the country besides the fact that it is manually counted? Its due to the fact that during synchronized national and local elections, people vote for a number of positions. For example during a presidential and local government elections in my city I would have to vote for the following: (the list is longer for those voting in provinces)

President (1)
Vice-President (1)
Senators (12)
Party List (1)
Congressman (1)
Mayor (1)
Vice-Mayor (1)
City Counselors (8)

In India during their national elections, thanks to their electoral/political system and their electronic voting machines, Indians only vote for their Member of Parliament nothing else.

To make elections faster in the Philippines there are only two options, modernize/computerize the election process or shift into a parliamentary political system to elect just an MP for the national parliament.