Details of immigration policy of the National Party

These are the highlights of the National Party’s immigration policy. It will only take effect if they win the election in September 17 this year.

  • A focus on skilled immigrants and giving greater recognition to those with proven work experience.
  • Immigrants will have to satisfy a good conduct requirement for four years before they can qualify for permanent residence. Those who break the criminal law will be sent home immediately.
  • Immigrants will not be able to qualify for welfare benefits for four years.
  • People sponsoring family to come to New Zealand will have to prove they can support them for the four-year benefit stand-down period.
  • The refugee quotas will be cut to the United Nations approved quota of 750, and savings will be reallocated to help refugees improve their English.
  • Investor Category immigrants will have to invest their money for a minimum of four years.
  • Business immigrants will have to create at least two permanent full-time jobs for non-family members.
  • The Immigration Service and the Citizenship Office will be merged.
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  • On a personal note, the proposal of National seems sensible but like what a friend had said it could confuse wannabe immigrants and go to other countries instead.

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    Four year probation plan for would be NZ immigrants

    Source: WikipediaIf the National Party wins this election would be immigrants would be given four years probation before attaining permanent residency. Full information about the immigration policy will be released on Tuesday. (To gain New Zealand citizenship one must be a granted permanent residency for five years.)

    Under the current policy eligible people are immediately granted permanent residency to live in New Zealand.

    The National policy may be in response to a number of immigration blunders under the Labout government. One scandal was letting a former minister of Iraqi Dictator Saddam Hussein to live in New Zealand.

    It may be understood that under a National or possibly in coalition with right-wing New Zealand First, immigration criteria will become tougher.

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    New Zealand First Party’s Immigration Policy 2005