The Eve of Valentines Day

Source: FlickrIn the Philippines the day before Valentines Day, February 13th is known to be the mistresses’ day. Since cheating husbands and boyfriends cannot be with their mistresses on the 14th they celebrate it the day before.

Motel operators in Metro Manila know that they get more customers on this day than Valentines Day.

The 10 Unlikely Survivor Destinations or Themes

1. Survivor: Payatas
Payatas in Quezon City is an infamous garbage dumpsite in Metro Manila. See how challengers sift their way through the stench and the filth.

2. Survivor: Antarctica
Let us see how the tribes manage to live in the coldest pace on Earth.

3. Survivor: Basilan
A province in the south of the Philippines known to be the hideout of an terrorist group. Tribes must out wit and outsmart each other and the bandits.

4. Survivor: Siberia
This place is not so cold as the South Pole but perhaps offering more vegetation.

5. Survivor: The Sewers
The entire Survivor season will take place inside the sewer system of either Paris, London or New York.

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