TV Patrol report on DJ Montano breaking his silence – transcript

The YouTube video below, is ABS-CBN‘s flagship news program, TV Patrol‘s report on DJ Montano breaking his silence on Korina Today on the ABS-CBN News Channel.

After the jump, you’ll be able to read the transcript that I made. I’m working on the English translation, I will update this post once I am done. THE ENGLISH TRANSLATION IS DONE!

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Brian Gorrell’s story on ABS-CBN TV Patrol transcript

The news report below is the the first time Brian Gorrell’s story was covered by Philippine TV news.

Transcript (with English translations) can be found after the jump.

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Video on Kitty Go about the Brian Gorrell, ‘Gucci Gang’ scandal

[I’ve added an English translation of the Filipino parts of the report. I’m no professional translator so please bear with me.]

The video and the transcript I made is about a news interview of ABS-CBN’s Bandila with Kitty Go. Kitty Go was an editor and publisher of several magazines in the past. She became infamous when she published two books, “When Chic Hits the Fan,” and “Chic Happens.” The books were her fictionalized accounts of the posers and fakers in Manila high society.

Read the transcript with translation after the jump.

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