Diabetasol an alternative to Glucerna?




I have discovered a possible alternative for the very expensive Glucerna SR of Abbot that my parents drink. I saw this new product while shopping at Robinsons Supermarket. For those who are unaware, Glucerna SR is a meal replacement or food supplement for those with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus.

This new product called, Diabetasol is quite similar because it claims to also offer controlled glucose release. According to my mom the taste of the product is quite different if one was used to only drinking Glucerna SR.

The image that you see above contains 180 grams and costs about PHP 200.  Glucerna SR can cost twice as much.  Available flavors are vanilla, cappuccino an chocolate.

Diabetasol is made by Kalbe Nutritionals, a division PT Sanghiang Perkasa of Jakarta, Indonesia.  It is distributed in the Philippines by Getz Bros. Philippines Inc.