Filipino now available on Google Translate!

Thanks to Google and its Filipino language experts Google Translate can now translate to and from Filipino. Other languages that are now available include Bahasa Indonesia/Indonesian and Catalan, a regional language spoken Spain.

Filipino now Available on Google Translate

Filipino now Available on Google Translate

Filipino nurses in NZ living in `slave labour’ conditions

New Zealand Herald: Filipino nurses living in `slave labour’ conditions
By Simon Collins

(Excerpt) Filipino nurses are being forced to work in what health officials describe as “slave labour” conditions in New Zealand rest homes to pay off often-exorbitant fees to recruitment agents and loan sharks.

A Weekend Herald investigation has found that some nurses are paying several times the true costs for work permits, bridging courses and registration in New Zealand, and are then bonded to work for up to three years at low wages in rest homes. (Full Story)

New Zealand Herald: [New Zealand] Immigration staff’s ignorance appalls migrants

By Lincoln Tan

(Excerpt) As more New Zealand residents quit the country, wannabe Kiwis say the key obstacle to calling Aotearoa home is the Immigration Service.

Long delays, missing documents and a lack of general knowledge among immigration officers were just some of the things residency applicants who spoke to the Herald complained of. (Full Story)

An Elevator Episode

Source: WikipediaLast Wednesday, I has going back to our office from lunch. I was with four friends. We took an elevator from the ground floor to our floor. The elevator was packed with other employees from our company. There were two tall guys who I assume were African-American.

My friends and I were talking about work and our lives in Filipino and one of the tall guys uttered, “I hope these guys are not talking about us in Tagalog or Cebuano.” The other guy was about to respond when the elevator stopped at their floor and they left.

After the two left, the four of us look at each other. One friend said, “But were we talking about them at all in the first place?” I said, “Now we are!” Another answered, “Are they paranoid or what?” After that, we just all laughed.

Latest New Zealand Immigration Headlines

NZ Herald: Migration policies are bad for the economy, says academic (5:00AM Tuesday July 10, 2007 By Angela Gregory)

New Zealand’s immigration policies attract far fewer skilled migrants than suggested and while good at building new suburbs are bad for the economy, says a Massey University academic.

NZ Herald: Migrant reduction puzzles business (12:00PM Friday July 06, 2007)

The business community is struggling to understand the Government’s decision to cut the number of skilled migrants.

NZ Herald: Immigration cuts don’t go far enough – NZ First (6:00PM Thursday July 05, 2007)

New Zealand First says a cut to the immigration quota does not go far enough.

NZ Herald: Government wants fewer immigrants (1:40PM Thursday July 05, 2007)

Persistent inflation has forced the Government to lower its resident migrants target despite ongoing skill shortages in several industries.

NZ Immigration Articles from the NZ Listener

Who’s moving in next door?
by Bruce Ansley
The New Zealand Listener (September 2-8 2006 Vol 205 No 3460)

New Zealand needs immigrants, but applicants find the selection processes and criteria anything but straightforward.
Here’s a story of modern New Zealand immigration.

So who do we keep out?
by Bruce Ansley
The New Zealand Listener (September 2-8 2006 Vol 205 No 3460)

When Opposition leader Don Brash talks of banning immigrants who do not share what he believes to be New Zealand’s “bedrock values”, who does he want to keep out of the country?

Advice at a Price
by Amanda Spratt
The New Zealand Listener (September 2-8 2006 Vol 205 No 3460)

Twenty-nine-year-old European professional fluent in English desperately seeks country to work in, pay taxes to and grow old with. Likes rugby, chats about politics and runs in the park.

NZ Herald: Migration Fall a Double-Edged Sword

New Zealand Herald: Migration fall a double-edged sword By Owen Hembry 

Falling net migration could take the pressure off housing only to turn the heat up on wages, says the National Bank. Statistics New Zealand said seasonally adjusted net permanent and long-term migration totalled 140 people in April. The latest migration rate was down from 630 in March, continuing a weaker trend of 520 and 410 people in February and January respectively.

NZ: Acute nursing shortage hits hospitals

from The New Zealand Herald (12 Nov 2006):

“The largest numbers of overseas nurses come from Britain, South Africa and the Philippines, but Filipino nurses claim they are discriminated against because of their accent, and many will no longer be able to fill nursing jobs in New Zealand.”