Who controls the world’s oil supplies?

An Exxon Mobil Corp...Image by Getty Images via Daylife

Oil and Gas Reserves by Company – Country:

1. Saudi Aramco –  Saudi Arabia (more than 300 billion barrels)
2. National Iranian Oil Company – Iran
3. Qatar Petroleum – Qatar
4. Abu Dhabi National Oil Company – UAE
5. Iraq NOC – Iraq
6. Gazprom – Russia
7. Kuwait Petroleum Corporation – Kuwait
8. Petróleos de Venezuala S.A. – Venezuela
9. Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation – Nigeria
10. National Oil Corporation – Libya
11. Sonatrach – Algeria
12. Rosneft – Russia
13. Petroliam Nasional Berhad (Petronas) – Malaysia
14. Exxon Mobil – USA (about 20 billion barrels)
15. Lukoil – Russia
16. Petróleos Mexicanos – Mexico
17. Petrochina – China
18. BP – Britain
19. Chevron – USA
20. Petróleo Brasileiro S.A. – Brazil
21. Roya Dutch Shell – Britain/Netherlands
22. Total S.A. – France
23. ConocoPhilips – USA
24. ENI – Italy
25. Oil and Natural Gas Company – India
26. Sinopec – China

Oil and Gas Reserves by Country or Company, Data360.org

Ninety five percent of of these companies are state owned while only five percent are private corporations.  With the high oil prices who do you think are raking in more billions in profits?

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Pasig River Ferry Trip

Source: WikipediaOn Thursday, January 3, 2008 I rode the Pasig River Ferry with a friend before going to our former offices to process some paperwork from our former employer.

The trip costs PHP 45.00 or about a little over USD 1.00 from Guadalupe to Plaza Mexico, Intramuros, Manila. Its a 45 minute boat ride. The vessel is airconditioned, clean and looked modern and safe.

For me the highlight of the trip was passing along the Malacañang Palace, the official home of the President of the Philippines. No pictures were allowed to be taken, for security reasons of course. However, I can say that the palace was really nice. I hope I can visit it if not live there one day. LOL!


Photo taken inside Guadalupe ferry station, near Guadalupe MRT and ABC Mall and Cinema


Photo of boarding gates taken inside Guadalupe ferry station



Photo of another Pasig river ferry vessel, taken inside the ferry bound for Plaza Mexico, Intramuros, Manila


Photo taken inside the ferry from where I was seated. There is an LCD video screen on the front showing a film similar to intercity buses.


Some communities along the Guadalupe, Makati part of Pasig River





Photos of Hulo, Lambingan, P.U.P. and Escolta Stations



Photos of buildings near Escolta station

An Elevator Episode

Source: WikipediaLast Wednesday, I has going back to our office from lunch. I was with four friends. We took an elevator from the ground floor to our floor. The elevator was packed with other employees from our company. There were two tall guys who I assume were African-American.

My friends and I were talking about work and our lives in Filipino and one of the tall guys uttered, “I hope these guys are not talking about us in Tagalog or Cebuano.” The other guy was about to respond when the elevator stopped at their floor and they left.

After the two left, the four of us look at each other. One friend said, “But were we talking about them at all in the first place?” I said, “Now we are!” Another answered, “Are they paranoid or what?” After that, we just all laughed.

Money Smarts » Demystifying finance charge computations on your credit card

Source: WikipediaMoney Smarts » Demystifying finance charge computations on your credit card

I must mention this blog post I read a few weeks back at the Money Smarts blog at Inquirer.net

It gives you an idea how the credit card interest rate clause of “3.5 per cent per month on the average daily balance” works.

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Krispy Kreme SM Mega Mall

Source: WikipediaKrispy cKreme

//jangelo.i.ph via Flickr

Krispy Kreme Mega Mall Branch

This is my first post under the Mystery Shopping category.

I visited the SM Mega Mall branch of Krispy Kreme last Saturday at about 10:30 AM. I was to meet a close friend that day and needed a place to wait. I could have stayed at any of the two branches of Starbucks Coffee but I thought that I’ve been to that café too many times so I headed for Krispy Kreme.

As we all know, Krispy Kreme is a US doughnuts franchise that is expanding outside of its home market. It was brought to Philippine shores by the owners of Max’s Restaurant.

This is visit is only my second time to visit the store. The first one was about four to five months ago, I lost count. However, I do remember that in my first visit I bought a dozen Krispy Kreme doughnuts for the first time. I guess I got curious because you always see product placements all over US movies and television shows, I might as well know what the fuss is all about.

Anyway back to my story, as I enter the store I was courteously greeted “good morning” by the staff. I approached the store’s doughnut display at the counter to see if any new doughnut flavor would tickle my fancy. In less than thirty seconds I was asked by counter staff of my order, I did not answer immediately but was given a free sample of their “Original Glazed.” I told him that I’m interested in coffee and was told about their different coffee styles and flavors.

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Coming Soon: Philippine Grown Blueberries

MindaNews: Dolefil testing blueberry production ni SouthCot
GMA News: Blueberries from Polomolok? Dole-Phils eyes plantation

According to the news articles above, Dole Philippines, who already owns pineapple and banana plantations in Mindanao, Philippines is considering growing blueberries. This is good news since this is an expensive fruit which would give more job opportunities in Mindanao.

I am expecting that blueberries would finally be available in local supermarkets. Right now, there are about a handful of stores in Metro Manila that sell frozen blue berries. In New Zealand its available in almost all supermarkets when in season.

You can read more about blueberries from the following links:
Wikipedia: Blueberry
US Highbush Blueberry Council: Blueberries Health
The Guardian UK: US scientist points to blueberry health benefits