Congratulations to the USA and President-elect Obama!

Congratulations to the United States who has just voted for change by electing President-elect Barack Obama!

Now we are just years before a woman becomes the leader of the free world!

President-Elect Barack Obama with family and relatives of Vice-Preseident Elect Joe Biden

Clinton takes key primary polls

(Excerpt) Hillary Clinton has revived her campaign for the US presidency with projected primary election wins in three states.US media say she has taken the Democratic primary polls in Texas, Ohio and Rhode Island. The results of caucus meetings in Texas are not yet known.Rival Democrat Barack Obama took the primary in the state of Vermont. BBC News Full Story

This is indeed great news for the Clinton campaign after several set backs. I really wish she wins the Democratic nominations and become the United States President.

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On Hillary Clinton and the 2008 US Elections

photo of Flickr user Nrbelex

photo of Flickr user Daniella Zalcman

First of all I am not a citizen of the United States, therefore I have no way to vote in the coming US federal elections.

Like what the political commentators say on TV this election in the US is the most exciting in recent history. Indeed never in anyone’s dream that now, in 2008 a woman or an African-American can become president or vice-president of the world’s most powerful company.

I am glad that this presidential election has come to this point. At long last, the US can now have a woman or a black president.

Personally, I am for Hillary Clinton. While I am a man, I believe that its about time that a woman take control of government. I think her policies are for the good of America.

The policy that I like the most is her policy on healthcare. Having seen the documentary “Sicko,” her universal healthcare plan is long overdue. Its hard to believe that in the world’s richest nation, people go bankrupt for not being able to afford medical treatment.

I think that if the health policy goes well it will create ripples on how healthcare is done in other parts of the world.

Dr. Sanjay Gupta of CNN compares the healthcare plans of Clinton and Obama. Seems that Obama’s plan does not intend to cover all Americans. See for yourself: