Yahoo! Answers

Since two weeks ago, I have rediscovered Yahoo! Answers. Answers is a collaborative and community driven site for questions and answers. Users ask and answers each others’ questions.

This is my new addiction. Since being active two weeks ago I have now reached level three. I answer all types of questions. Most of the questions’ answers can be found with a simple Google search. Whatever the findings are in my quick research I post it as an answer with the URL of the website for verification. Some questions just require my opinion which I am glad to share.


On the week ending Sunday, 17th of February 2008, I was ranked 392 globally in terms of number of points earned that week.


In the United States ranking last week, I was ranked 203 in terms of number of points earned that week.

I was surprised to find my rank in the USA rank rather than in the Philippines where I would have been 2nd for last week.

Below is my public profile. The screen shot was taken at around 9 PM yesterday. Here’s the link to my profile where the points are updated in real time.


My goal this week is to reach level four.

Yahoo! Answers has been keeping me busy

Source: WikipediaYahoo! Answers has been keeping me busy lately. Answers is a community driven question and answer service. Members answer each other’s questions.

This week along I’ve earned 1325 points and counting. So far, I have answered 264 questions and 57 of those was chosen as the best. I’ve reached level 3 status just last week.

Check out my Yahoo! Answers profile here.