Sun Broadband Wirless revisited

My relative who uses Sun Broadband Wireless told me that he is experiencing a slowdown in performance.  He said that websites now take longer to load compared to a 1Mbps wired DSL connection.

Viewing videos on YouTube, other video sharing sites and news websited now take longer than a wired DSL connection.

Good thing I have not yet applied for this service. I guess it is still better to stick with PLDT myDSL for now.

This is his Speedtests:

compare this to last December 2, 2008:

Sun Broadband Wireless

I’ve just tried Sun Broadband Wireless at a relative’s house in Quezon City. I am very impressed. The speed “feels” better than my PLDT myDSL service.

These are the Speedtest results (note that I’ve used multiple test servers in various locations):