New Zealand fears over Filipino nurse training

NZ Herald: NZ fears over Filipino nurse training
By Lincoln Tan
Posted: 4:00AM (NZST) Monday Feb 09, 2009

The Nursing Council is concerned that the rapid increase in nursing programmes in the Philippines could be at the expense of the quality of nursing, and says it will raise the issue with Filipino authorities.

Chief executive Carolyn Reed says representatives of the council will travel to the Philippines to meet the nursing regulatory authority and educational providers because it needs to be satisfied that educational courses preparing nurses coming to New Zealand are meeting acceptable standards.

“We do have concerns about the effect that such rapid growth has on programme quality,” Ms Reed said.

“There has been an escalation of programmes offering nursing education in the Philippines.

“Some figures suggest that in 2004 there were 30,000 nurses in education programmes and this has risen to 450,000 last year.”

Many in the Philippines take a nursing degree as a second tertiary qualification because they think that with the global shortage of nurses, it could be their ticket to migration.

Read entire story here.

prescriptions? find out your options on MIMS

MIMS Philippines is an internet database of virtually every medicine sold in the Philippines.  The website is simple and easy to use, similar Google.

When you search for a medicine’s generic name it will give you all available brands of the drug.  The database will also give you the description, recommended dosage, contraindications, adverse drug reactions, drug interactions, mechanism of actions as well as the available variants and suggested retail prices.

Sun Broadband Wirless revisited

My relative who uses Sun Broadband Wireless told me that he is experiencing a slowdown in performance.  He said that websites now take longer to load compared to a 1Mbps wired DSL connection.

Viewing videos on YouTube, other video sharing sites and news websited now take longer than a wired DSL connection.

Good thing I have not yet applied for this service. I guess it is still better to stick with PLDT myDSL for now.

This is his Speedtests:

compare this to last December 2, 2008:

Foreign nurses want NZ minister to axe language test

NZ Herald: Nurses want minister to axe language test
By Lincoln Tan

Frustrated overseas-trained nurses want the Minister of Health to review the new nursing registration rules, which include an English language test.

The New Zealand Nurses Organisation has also questioned the tougher rules, saying they will lead to an outflow of nurses, putting public health and safety at risk. Read Complete Article Here.

400 foreign students kicked out of NZ over four years

More than 400 foreign students have sent packing in the past four years for crimes or indiscretions, costing the taxpayer around $750,000.

Nearly 300 of the students required police escorts back to their home countries after being assessed as security or safety risks, according to figures released to The Dominion Post under the Official Information Act. Read Complete Article Here.

Pinoy nurses in NZ says new rule is unfair

NZ Herald: Overseas nurse says new rule is unfair
By Lincoln Tan

Trained Filipino nurses are crying foul over the Nursing Council’s tightening of rules governing registering overseas-trained nurses.

They say the new requirements are prejudicial and unfair and are keeping them at unskilled jobs on the minimum wage when hospitals are facing an acute shortage of nurses.

In new requirements effective from Thursday, all overseas-qualified nurses – including those from Britain and other English-speaking countries – will face a tough English language assessment.

It will require they score 7.0 in each band of the IELTS (International English language testing system) test, higher than the current university entry requirement of 6.0.

But the biggest stumbling block for many Filipino nurses is a recent ruling by the council that nursing degree courses of less than four years will no longer be deemed eligible.

For most of the Philippines-trained nurses, nursing was their second course, and the length of time they took to complete it was reduced because they had exemption for certain subjects taken for a previous degree. View Complete Article Here.

Hope for 2009

The last year has been one of the worst for me personally and the world.

This year, I hope and pray that this year will be better for me and the world.

Text Wise

Text Wise is a prepaid service in the Philippines that offers discounted international text messaging from any local mobile phone.  It is sold of PhP100 with PhP100 credit.  Each international sms is charged PhP5.  It is basically an sms forwarding service.

Smart/TNT users forward sms for abroad to access number 378 and costs PhP2.50 charged to your Smart/TNT postpaid/prepaid account.  Sun and Globe users forward sms for abroad to access number 0922-7042198 and costs PhP1 charged to your Sun or Globe prepaid/postpaid account.

So far, this service works. I was able to send sms to friends abroad.  My phone number appears as the sender so they were able to identify me as the sender and was able to directly reply to my sms.

This is a good alternative to paying overpriced PhP9 to PhP15 international sms from Globe, Smart and Sun.