high speed internet is great

Good-bye, dial-up! I started using PLDT myDSL last March 7, 2007 since then it been great! I now appreciate watching movies on YouTube as well as online radio stations.

So far no technical issues encountered with PLDT.


TVNZ On Demand

Television New Zealand (TVNZ) is the dominant and only New Zealand owned television broadcaster in New Zealand.  It is state owned and independent much like the BBC in the UK.

I have just found out that TVNZ is testing its video on demand service called TVNZ On Demand.  For a fee viewers from around the world can view on demand TVNZ productions such as news, magazine shows and dramas.

It is still on a beta testing stage.  There is no word on the official launch date. (Read a review here.)

This service is not new to the world.  ABS-CBN has ABS-CBN Now! for about two years now.  When I was overseas I subscribed to ABS-CBN Now to listen to radio as well as watch TV shows and news.  I must say that this kept me in the know on what is hot and not back in the Philippines.

This is a good way for New Zealanders worldwide to catch-up on what is the latest in their homeland and also curious former temporary residents like me.

PLDT’s Next Generation Network

While I consider PLDT as an Evil Empire I must say that I am rather impressed that while it is a telecom operator in the developing world it is an early adopter in emerging technologies like the Next Generation Network (NGN)

NxGN simply stated means utilizing IP technology in delivering voice and data to end users.  The end result is potentially cheaper and faster voice and data services to its subscribers.

 This year PLDT has embarked on a “selected rollout” of its “NGN” network.  For PHP 888.00 subscribers in this test launch would enjoy one year free PLDT NDD and bundled higher speed internet connection.

While the technology is still in its infancy, PLDT can be considered a more technology advanced company than the rest in the Asia-Pacific region.

PLDT Internet

For the Nth time I went to Globlines Payments and Service to follow-up on a landline application and as expected Globe still does not have an available line for my house.  It seems that Globe Telecom has no plans to expand its services in my area.  I would have been a good Globelines customer, dumping PLDT altogether and getting Globe landlines.  Too bad, I am just small fish for Globe.

I now surrender to this fact and while it pains me I have no other choice but to embrace the Evil Empire that is PLDT.  Today, I went to a PLDT office in Ortigas and signed-up for PLDT myDSL Internet Plan 999 (512 kbps).

After signing the application form I was given an “service order number” as a proof that my application is on queue.  I will hear from PLDT linemen in a few days.  Frankly, I am not in a hurry to get DSL they can take their time.

 One thing I am looking forward to when I have a high-speed connection is that I can now listen to FM stations all over the world, podcasts and watch YouTube better.

Getting a Globelines Service

For more than eight months now I have been visiting Globlines Payments and Services offices.  I have been inquiring and following-up on a telephone line application with ADSL (broadband).  Apparently, all Globelines circuits are full in my area. 

It seems that every other house in my neighborhood is connected to Globelines.  I was told by the company staff that I had to wait for a line to be disconnected or wait for the company to expand.

While PLDT is available in my area and already have a PLDT post-paid line I prefer not to have another PLDT phone or get PLDT internet services.  While it offers a lot of discounts in calling our relatives throughout the Philippines and friends with Smart mobile phones I know for a fact that its ADSL service is so lousy and expensive based on the numerous complaints of subscribers.

So here I am, still waiting, ranting and frustrated.