GMA 7 refutes KBP ad load rule

GMA Network defended its decision not to follow the Kapisanan ng mga Broadcaster ng Pilipinas’ (KBP). Read the excerpt below:

MANILA, Philippines – GMA Network, Inc. said on Wednesday that the Kapisanan ng mga Brodkaster ng Pilipinas (KBP) rule limiting the commercial load of programs to 18 minutes per hour will push commercial airtime prices up.

The network, which left the KBP in 2003, also said that the cap violates Philippine laws.

“A limitation on the supply of the very limited resource of commercial airtime would push commercial airtime prices upwards. Thus, time standard disrupts market forces that dictate supply and demand and is anti-competition,” GMA said in a statement. Read the full story here.

The statement from GMA Network is arrogant and greedy. While any business has the right to advertize we the views must come first and must be protected from clutter.

Why must the viewer endure countless minutes of mindless advertising for the sake of these advertisers and the TV network?

Why can’t GMA Network understand that cluttering up their channel gives also a great disservice to their advertisers. They should know that every second of clutter is directly proportional to ad recall.

So what if ad rates go up. Only the largest corporations in the Philippines can afford to buy TV ads at the moment anyway.

Advertisers must be wise enough to consider the quality of their advertising campaign than the quantity of ads they can buy. In the end, what is more important is how many remember the ads and the advertiser’s messages than how much was spent to buy airtime.

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Television Ad Clutter in the Philippines

Television Ad Clutter in the Philippines

Last Thursday night I had a chance to watch Ms. Cheche Lazaro‘s “Media in Focus” show on the ABS-CBN News Channel (ANC). It is an intellectual talk show on everything and anything about media in the Philippines.

The episode was interesting. It was about the imposition of the 18 minute per hour ad load for all the members of the Kapisanan ng mga Broadcaster ng Pilipinas (Association of Philippine Broadcasters) or the KBP.

The show had an interesting panel of guests and resource persons.

The first guest was Ms. Maloli Espinsa, who is the current President of the KBP. She talked about the stricter implementation of the load limit.

She said that the 18 minute rule is one of the higest in the region. [I did some research on Wikipedia and found out that 18 minutes was also the standard in US television.]

Asked about why 18 minutes, Ms. Espinosa said it was the optimal amount that will be quitable to the broadcaster, the advertisers and the viewers (in terms of clutter).

The penalty for members who are found guilty of violating the rule is 120% of the ad revenue in excess of 18 minutes.

Two years ago, the rule as relaxed because KBP members were at a commercial dissadvantage to those who are non-members of the KBP, namely GMA Network, Inc. (GMA-7).

Apprently, GMA-7 withdrew from the KBP last August 2003. Some people say that GMA quit the KBP because it was found guilty of violation to the ad load limit and was supposed to be heavily fined. [I now understand why the channel is full of ads and ever extends the time slots of its shows.] [Read news about GMA leaving the KBP here.]

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On Joey De Venecia

I also do not believe Joey De Venecia, son of Congressman Jose De Venecia (former House Speaker).  He may just be a disgruntled bidder who lost in bagging the project.

Joey being a son of a government official should not have been involved with any government project in the first place.  Such an action is prohibited by the Philippines’ anti-corruption laws.

Disclaimer: I am not in anyway connected or receiving payment from the current administration. This is my opinion and everyone is entitled to one.

On Jun Lozada

As of the moment, Filipinos are divided on Jun Lozada and his testimony. People are either believing him, doubting him or don’t even care to know.

I doubt him. While he seems to have a lot of knowledge of the mothballed National Broadband Network – ZTE project, he cannot support this with strong evidence.

As you know, its always easy to accuse someone of something. The problem is, words can be damaging and may lead people to judge people.

With the Philippines’ sensationalist media, personalities involved are being tried by publicity. It seems that people have forgotten the we all have the “Presumption of Innocence.”

I am not entirely convinced by his crying and being holy. By the many showbiz personalities behind the Anti-PGMA faction, they could have honed his acting skills. Even the devil can quote the Holy Bible (Matthew 4:6) and seem holy.

It may be possible that if he was able to “moderate” the greed of the parties involved, none of the noise would have happened. He may have been part of the scam and may have pocketed something in the process.

Disclaimer: I am not in anyway connected or receiving payment from the current administration. This is my opinion and everyone is entitled to one.

another problem of the Philippines

Another problem is Filipinos who hate their own people and their country.  They are the loudest and the first to criticize anything and everything about the Philippines and its people yet they’re not helping to improve the situation.

I bet you, when these people get elected or hold public office they will be corrupt. get rid of these types of people and that will solve 25% of the other problems.

(this was my response to a similar question on Yahoo! Answers)

Breaking News: EO 464 lifted

Source: WikipediaMarch 5, 2008 04:43 PM: ABS-CBN News Channel reports that President Gloria Arroyo has lifted EO 464 effective immediately.

The revocation will allow government officials to answer Senate inquiries without her prior consent.

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