2008 New Zealand General Elections

This November, New Zealanders shall choose a new set of members of parliament to form their new government.  For nine years, the New Zealand Labour Party has been in power with Helen Clark, it’s leader as the Prime Minister.

According to published reports at all New Zealand news outlets, it seems that Labour’s archrival, the National Party is leading the opinions surveys with at least a 10 point lead over Clark’s party.

I’m not a political expert but I support the Labour Party because I am partial to center-left ideology.  I simply don’t trust the National Party and its leaders, John Key, current leader, Don Brash, former leader and Bill English, current deputy leader.

NZ Immigration Related News Round-up

NZ Herald: Integrate or stay away, migrants told
Sep 29, 2008
By Lincoln Tan

New Zealand First says it will not welcome immigrants if they come from societies with a “class system” or where women are treated as subservient to men.

Deputy leader Peter Brown, an immigrant from England, told a crowd of mainly refugees and immigrants at a political debate in Mt Albert yesterday that New Zealand was an “egalitarian society” and those who could not integrate were not welcome. More.

NZ Herald: Parties send debaters to win over immigrants
Sep 26, 2008
By Lincoln Tan

National will be pitching for votes in Labour heartland this weekend as the parties face off for another political debate to woo ethnic voters before the election. More.

NZ Herald: Migration loss to Aussie highest in nearly 20 years
Sep 19, 2008

The annual loss of people from this country to Australia hit a 19-1/2-year high in August, new figures from Statistics New Zealand show.

The net outflow to Australia on a permanent or long term (PLT) basis was 33,000 in the August year, compared to 25,900 in the August 2007 year. More.

NZ Herald: Asians fear being political football
Jul 07, 2008
By Lincoln Tan

Auckland’s Asian migrants are bracing themselves for a backlash against claims of an “Asian invasion” as this year’s election draws closer.

Their numbers are tipped to rise further in a report due out tomorrow – but many Asians say the label is meaningless anyway. More.

Rich migrants put off by NZ immigration rules

New Zealand Herald: Rich migrants put off by rules
By Lincoln Tan and Simon Collins (2 August 2008) 

Excerpt: Investors are turning their backs on New Zealand as a place to live and bring their money.

The number of approved investor migrants dropped from 1326 in 2002 to one this year, members of the New Zealand Association for Migration and Investment heard yesterday. Continue Reading.

NZ Herald Your Views: Have you moved to New Zealand? How do you like it?

New Zealand Herald Your Views: Have you moved to New Zealand? How do you like it?

The link above brings you to answers of New Zealanders and immigrants to New Zealand on their experience on moving to New Zealand. The reactions of people are mixed.

Man arrested in NZ on connection to murder of Korean tourist

Man arrested in connection with murder of missing Korean tourist
By TV3 News – 3news.co.nz | 06/24/2008


Police have arrested a man in connection with the murder of Korean backpacker Jae Hyeon Kim, who went missing in the South Island five years ago.

A 28-year-old Nelson fisherman will appear in Nelson District Court this afternoon and police said a 31-year-old Westport man was assisting them with their investigation.

Detective Inspector John Winter said Mr Kim’s death had now been confirmed with the Korean Consulate, which had contacted his family in Pusan, South Korea.

Man arrested in relation to murder of missing tourist
By NZ Herald Staff – The New Zealand Herald | 06/24/2008


A man has been arrested today in connection with the murder of a backpacker who went missing five years ago.

Inquiry head Detective Inspector John Winter said a 28 year-old fisherman will appear in the Nelson District Court this afternoon and a 31 year-old is “helping police with inquiries”.

Mr Winter said: “Police engaged on the inquiry into missing Korean backpacker Jae Hyeon Kim have today arrested a man in connection with his murder.”

Tourist murder accused in custody
By One News – tvnz.co.nz | 06/24/2007


The man charged with the murder of a Korean tourist five years ago has been remanded in custody.

Jae Hyeon Kim was visiting New Zealand for a year’s travel and adventure when he disappeared in 2003.

Earlier this month police re-opened the case after a tip-off led police to resume a search for him in scrubland just south of Westport.

Twenty eight-year-old Nelson fisherman, Shannon Flewellen, entered no plea when he made a brief appearance in the Nelson District Court on Tuesday afternoon.

May the arrest finally give the victim justice and the victim’s family some closure.

New Zealand related immigration news and opinion

The Earth Times: New Zealand’s Asians put into campaign spotlight

Excerpt: Wellington – New Zealand’s fast-growing Asian population seems set for the spotlight at this year’s general election, as official projections that it will nearly double its numbers inside the next 20 years. The nationalist New Zealand First party, which has picked up votes from the anti-immigrant minority in past elections, with “Whose country is it anyway?” campaigns, was quick to capitalize on the new population forecasts.

There are currently about 400,000 Asians in the country and Statistics New Zealand predicted their number would increase by 3.4 per cent a year to 790,000 by 2026 when they would account for 16 per cent of the population. Read more here.

IOL (South Africa): NZealand minister bemoans Asian growth

Excerpt: Wellington – The nationalist New Zealand First party, which is led by Foreign Minister Winston Peters, launched a fresh attack on Asian immigrants on Wednesday after government projections showing they were the fastest-growing group in the population.

Asians were expected to come close to outnumbering the indigenous Maoris in 18 years, when they would account for 16 percent of the total population, Statistics New Zealand said. Read more here.

TV3 News (New Zealand): NZ First launches new attack on Asian immigration

Excerpt: New Zealand First has launched a new attack on Asian immigration, saying New Zealand is going to be flooded with Asians and there is no guarantee about what they are going to do here.

The attack was launched not by Winston Peters but his deputy Peter Brown. Read more here.

Associated Press: Anger Over Rising New Zealand Immigration

Excerpt: WELLINGTON, New Zealand (AP) — New Zealand’s Asian population is growing faster than any other ethnic group and will outnumber indigenous Maori by 2026, government figures released Wednesday showed.

The findings drew the ire of an anti-immigrant party that contends the door should be shut on Asian immigrants, claiming they do not integrate into mainstream society. Read more here.

The Age: New Zealand MP accused of ‘Hanson-like’ policies

[FYI: Pauline Hanson is a racist and demagogue Australian politician whose only political platform is to drive away all sorts of migrants out of Australia.]

Excerpt: A New Zealand politician has been compared to Pauline Hanson for suggesting his country shut its doors to Asian immigrants.

New Zealand First deputy leader Peter Brown revived the race debate by saying that NZ was under threat of being “inundated” by people who did not want to integrate. Read more here.

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Filipino nurses in NZ living in `slave labour’ conditions

New Zealand Herald: Filipino nurses living in `slave labour’ conditions
By Simon Collins

(Excerpt) Filipino nurses are being forced to work in what health officials describe as “slave labour” conditions in New Zealand rest homes to pay off often-exorbitant fees to recruitment agents and loan sharks.

A Weekend Herald investigation has found that some nurses are paying several times the true costs for work permits, bridging courses and registration in New Zealand, and are then bonded to work for up to three years at low wages in rest homes. (Full Story)

New Zealand Herald: [New Zealand] Immigration staff’s ignorance appalls migrants

By Lincoln Tan

(Excerpt) As more New Zealand residents quit the country, wannabe Kiwis say the key obstacle to calling Aotearoa home is the Immigration Service.

Long delays, missing documents and a lack of general knowledge among immigration officers were just some of the things residency applicants who spoke to the Herald complained of. (Full Story)