Bic Runga – Winning Arrow

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Bic Runga – Listening for the Weather

Bic Runga Official Website
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Brooke Fraser – Shadow Feet

Artist: Brooke Fraser
Album: Albertine
Song: Shadow Feet

Shadow Feet Lyrics

Bic Runga – Something Good

Bic Runga is one of my favorite singers in the world. She is from New Zealand is from Maori and Asian decent. This music video is from her Beautiful Collision album which was not released worldwide.

The video was shot along Cuba Steet in downtown Wellington, New Zealand.  You would also see in the video a shot of the famous Bucket Fountain.

Brooke Fraser – Deciphering Me

This is a music video of Brooke Fraser‘s latest single Deciphering Me. In case you do not know, Brooke is one of New Zealand’s latest singing superstars. She is only 23 years old but writes and sings her own songs.