The author is male, born in the 1980s, living in Metropolitan Manila, been to far places and willing to travel.

The blog is about life in the city, living, working, spending, eating, sleeping, sharing, investing, caring, faith, etc.

This site will also feature info on New Zealand since he lived there for more than two years.

Some random things about him:

  • He knows the importance of spell checking. 
  • He knows and believes that no race or skin colour is superior.
  • He knows that ignorance is the root of all hate.
  • He is Roman Catholic and knows that being Catholic is also Christian.
  • He knows that Catholicism does not worship statues, the saints and Mary.
  • Has read The Catechism of the Catholic Church and dislikes people who have no idea of what Catholicism stands for.
  • He dislikes religions, faiths or “churches” who poach Catholics by spreading anti-Catholic lies and propaganda.
  • He has a center-left political ideology.
  • He has developed a taste for Indian, Singapore-Malaysian and most Thai and Indonesian dishes.
  • He does not buy pasta dishes in restaurants because he thinks he can cook it cheaper and better at home.
  • He has seen “The Secret” video and believes in its efficacy.
  • He is saving money to start a small business by next year.
  • He believes that there is always hope for the Philippines and Filipinos.
  • He dislikes those who lambaste the Philippines, its culture and people without any basis or true knowledge of the subject.
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