Quitting Globe Telecom

Last Tuesday, marked the end of my family’s relationship with Globe postpaid wireless plans.  My mother’s line has been terminated.  That four year relationship has just ended.  Her GPlan of 500 sms and 20 minutes of calls worth PhP500 per month has become very expensive.  

She gets better value from her Sun Cellular Plan 350 consumable plan.  The plan has 100 sms and the PhP350 can be used to call and/or text anyone.  For example, that PhP350 is worth 56 minutes worth of calls to other networks and local landline calls.  56 minutes is way better than 20 minutes offered by Globe.

Another reason, we quit Globe is because its signal/coverage in our area is very poor for both standard GSM and 3G.  The signal has remained poor over the years.  Our phones always got full signal bars on Sun Cellular and Smart.

Goodbye Globe, you have deteriorated from worse to worst!

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