Interesting NZ Herald articles and readers comments

The following are interesting “have your say” topics and it’s related news stories on the New Zealand Herald wesbite.  It offers insight to what some New Zealanders and some outsiders think on immigration matters.

Your Views Topic: Do you agree with New Zealand First’s views on immigration?
Related News: Integrate or stay away, migrants told

Your Views Topic: What do you think of Lockwood Smith’s immigration comments?
Related News: ‘Asians have small hands’ remarks ‘racist’, ‘daft’, say leaders

Your Views Topic: Are you coming home to NZ? Tell us why?
Related News: Brain-drain Kiwis find grass is greener at home

Your Views Topic: Are Peter Brown’s comments on Asian immigrants ‘racist’?
Related News: NZ First’s Brown slammed for ‘racist’ anti-Asian remarks

2008 New Zealand General Elections

This November, New Zealanders shall choose a new set of members of parliament to form their new government.  For nine years, the New Zealand Labour Party has been in power with Helen Clark, it’s leader as the Prime Minister.

According to published reports at all New Zealand news outlets, it seems that Labour’s archrival, the National Party is leading the opinions surveys with at least a 10 point lead over Clark’s party.

I’m not a political expert but I support the Labour Party because I am partial to center-left ideology.  I simply don’t trust the National Party and its leaders, John Key, current leader, Don Brash, former leader and Bill English, current deputy leader.

GMA Network’s internet tv launched

While I dislike GMA Network’s policy of overloading its programming with so much advertising, I commend its new effort in bringing Philippine TV to every Filipino on Earth with an internet connection through myGMA Internet TV.

The concept is similar to that of ABS-CBN/TFC Now. But unlike ABS-CBN’s service that uses Windows Media Player, GMA uses flash video like the one used on YouTube.


myGMA Internet TV

myGMA Internet TV

If the music is so good does it matter if you understand the lyrics?

If the music is so good does it matter if you understand the lyrics? In this case, does it matter if you understand Basque/Euskadi or not to appreciate good music.

My latest musical discoveries are the band, Ken Zazpi and singer, Sa Ding Ding.

Song: Bihar (Tomorrow)
Album: Argiak

The group is a Basque language band from the Basque Country, Spain.


Song: Alive (Sanskrit language version)
Album:  Alive

She is a Chinese singer who sings mostly in Sanskrit, Tibetan and Mandarin.  Some consider her has as Bjork’s equivalent in Asia.