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The Earth Times: New Zealand’s Asians put into campaign spotlight

Excerpt: Wellington – New Zealand’s fast-growing Asian population seems set for the spotlight at this year’s general election, as official projections that it will nearly double its numbers inside the next 20 years. The nationalist New Zealand First party, which has picked up votes from the anti-immigrant minority in past elections, with “Whose country is it anyway?” campaigns, was quick to capitalize on the new population forecasts.

There are currently about 400,000 Asians in the country and Statistics New Zealand predicted their number would increase by 3.4 per cent a year to 790,000 by 2026 when they would account for 16 per cent of the population. Read more here.

IOL (South Africa): NZealand minister bemoans Asian growth

Excerpt: Wellington – The nationalist New Zealand First party, which is led by Foreign Minister Winston Peters, launched a fresh attack on Asian immigrants on Wednesday after government projections showing they were the fastest-growing group in the population.

Asians were expected to come close to outnumbering the indigenous Maoris in 18 years, when they would account for 16 percent of the total population, Statistics New Zealand said. Read more here.

TV3 News (New Zealand): NZ First launches new attack on Asian immigration

Excerpt: New Zealand First has launched a new attack on Asian immigration, saying New Zealand is going to be flooded with Asians and there is no guarantee about what they are going to do here.

The attack was launched not by Winston Peters but his deputy Peter Brown. Read more here.

Associated Press: Anger Over Rising New Zealand Immigration

Excerpt: WELLINGTON, New Zealand (AP) — New Zealand’s Asian population is growing faster than any other ethnic group and will outnumber indigenous Maori by 2026, government figures released Wednesday showed.

The findings drew the ire of an anti-immigrant party that contends the door should be shut on Asian immigrants, claiming they do not integrate into mainstream society. Read more here.

The Age: New Zealand MP accused of ‘Hanson-like’ policies

[FYI: Pauline Hanson is a racist and demagogue Australian politician whose only political platform is to drive away all sorts of migrants out of Australia.]

Excerpt: A New Zealand politician has been compared to Pauline Hanson for suggesting his country shut its doors to Asian immigrants.

New Zealand First deputy leader Peter Brown revived the race debate by saying that NZ was under threat of being “inundated” by people who did not want to integrate. Read more here.

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Latest New Zealand Immigration Headlines

A Romney ewe with her two lambs.Image from Wikipedia

NZ Herald: Professional migrants face discrimination in NZ – study

Excerpt: Highly skilled immigrants struggle to find jobs in New Zealand because they come up against a wall of discrimination from both potential employers and recruitment consultants, a Massey University study has found.

The Wellington-based study by human resource management lecturer Jacqui Campbell and communication lecturer Mingsheng Li unearthed disturbing evidence that many new arrivals remained unemployed or accepted unskilled work because of racism. Read more here.

NZ Herald: [New Zealand’s] Open-door policy on migrants ‘a danger’

New Zealand First has suggested the door should be shut on Asian immigrants.

Deputy leader Peter Brown said yesterday that there was a danger Asian “mini-societies” were being built in New Zealand. Read more here.

NZ Herald: Flow of [New Zealand] migrants to Australia still big

Excerpt: The annual flow of New Zealand residents to live in Australia is the biggest since the middle of 2001.

Statistics New Zealand (SNZ) said a net 29,600 people migrated to Australia in the year to February, up from 22,200 in the February 2007 year. Read more here.

NZ Herald: MP’s Indian neighbours hit back at ‘racist’ claims

Excerpt: Fourteen-year-old Karamjit Singh lives in the same Tauranga street as New Zealand First MP Peter Brown.

But that’s about all he has in common with his neighbour.

The Otumoetai College student said he felt “put down” by Mr Brown’s comments this week about curbing Asian immigration. Read more here.

Television Ad Clutter in the Philippines

Last Thursday night I had a chance to watch Ms. Cheche Lazaro‘s “Media in Focus” show on the ABS-CBN News Channel (ANC). It is an intellectual talk show on everything and anything about media in the Philippines.

The episode was interesting. It was about the imposition of the 18 minute per hour ad load for all the members of the Kapisanan ng mga Broadcaster ng Pilipinas (Association of Philippine Broadcasters) or the KBP.

The show had an interesting panel of guests and resource persons.

The first guest was Ms. Maloli Espinsa, who is the current President of the KBP. She talked about the stricter implementation of the load limit.

She said that the 18 minute rule is one of the higest in the region. [I did some research on Wikipedia and found out that 18 minutes was also the standard in US television.]

Asked about why 18 minutes, Ms. Espinosa said it was the optimal amount that will be quitable to the broadcaster, the advertisers and the viewers (in terms of clutter).

The penalty for members who are found guilty of violating the rule is 120% of the ad revenue in excess of 18 minutes.

Two years ago, the rule as relaxed because KBP members were at a commercial dissadvantage to those who are non-members of the KBP, namely GMA Network, Inc. (GMA-7).

Apprently, GMA-7 withdrew from the KBP last August 2003. Some people say that GMA quit the KBP because it was found guilty of violation to the ad load limit and was supposed to be heavily fined. [I now understand why the channel is full of ads and ever extends the time slots of its shows.] [Read news about GMA leaving the KBP here.]

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debt acknowledgement template

Below is a template for debt acknowledgment, you can use this for documenting the debts of people who owe you money.


I, [Debtor] the undersigned, born [birth date], of legal age, residing at [address], who is married to [name of spouse if any, omit if not applicable], and [son/daughter] of [name of parents], hereby confirm and acknowledge to the following creditor [name of creditor] that I am indebted to said Creditor, in the amount of [amount in words and numerals] as of the below mentioned date. The indebted amount were incurred from [reason of debt and date of occurrence]

I furthermore acknowledge that I have no argument with said debts which were incurred by myself, and for which I am solely responsible. This also means that I acknowledge that there are no defenses should said creditor decide to use this document in a court of law as a confession to judgment – where legally permissible.

I have agreed to pay off the entire amount indebted by [date].  [Optional: If I cannot pay the entire amount, I will negotiate a payment plan with Creditor within 15 calendar days from date below.]  I understand that failure to comply with the above condition shall be grounds for Creditor to take necessary lawful action.  I understand that this document may be tendered in legal proceedings as evidence.

Signed on this [  ] day, of the month [  ], in the year [  ].

[Debtor’s Name and Signature]

[Creditor’s Name and Signature]

[Witness name and Signature]

Sarah Brightman – Let It Rain

Sarah Brightman performs Let It Rain, part of her new album, Symphony in Vienna, Austria