Video on Kitty Go about the Brian Gorrell, ‘Gucci Gang’ scandal

[I’ve added an English translation of the Filipino parts of the report. I’m no professional translator so please bear with me.]

The video and the transcript I made is about a news interview of ABS-CBN’s Bandila with Kitty Go. Kitty Go was an editor and publisher of several magazines in the past. She became infamous when she published two books, “When Chic Hits the Fan,” and “Chic Happens.” The books were her fictionalized accounts of the posers and fakers in Manila high society.

Read the transcript with translation after the jump.

The interview is in Filipino. The translations are italicized and in blue font colour.

Ces Drillon: …kontrobersyal na blogger na si Brian Gorrell. Ayon sa Pinay socialite na si Kitty Go ang blog ang paraan ni Gorrell para makakuha ng katarungan. May ulat si Nadia Trinidad.

…Brian Gorrell, the controversial blogger. According to Filipina socialite Kitty Go, Gorrell’s blog is his way of getting justice. Nadia Trinidad has more.

Nadia Trinidad: Naniniwala ang Pinay socialite sa Hong Kong sa si Kitty Go na walang dapat pumigil sa mga kontrobersyal na pagbubunyag ni Brian Gorrell. Magiisang buwan na ang blog o online diary ng Australyanong naghahanap ng katarungan matapos itakbo umano ng kanyang maimpluwensyang Pinoy ex-boyfriend ang perang kanyang ipinundar. Milyun-milyon na ang sumusubaybay sa blog ni Brian sa buong mundo at isa si Kitty Go dito.

For Kitty Go, a Filipina socialite based in Hong Kong, no one should stop the controversial revelations of Brian Gorrell. Gorrell, an Australian, started a blog or online diary almost a month ago to seek justice after his influential ex-boyfriend allegedly stole his money. The blog has millions of followers all over the world and Kitty Go is one of them.

Kitty Go: As much as people say it’s gossip that’s his [Brian Gorrell] business, that’s why you open a blog so you can express yourself. These ills that Brian [has mentioned], the cheating, um the use of government money to try and come and arrest him, the um non-existance of justice in the Philippines. This has happenned since the, during the Spanish times okay and still happenning now in fact now its worse the stakes are bigger.

Nadia Trinidad: Taong 2005 ng inakda ni Kitty Go ang librong, “When Chic Hits the Fan,” isang koleksyon ng mga blind items ukol sa mga taong hindi niya masikmura sa alta sociedad. Agad itong sinundan ng sequel na “Chic Happens.” At bagamat fiction o kathang isip daw ang mga kwento dito marami ang nakahula kung sinu-sino mga napatamaan ng libro at nagkataon na ang ilan dito ang siya ring nadadawit ngayon sa blog ni Brian.

In 2005, Kitty Go wrote “When Chic Hits the Fan,” a collection of blind items about people she can’t stand in Philippine high society. It was immediately followed by “Chich Happens.” While the books are a work of fiction, a lot of readers were able to guess who Go was referring to, apparently a few of these are the same people being exposed in Brian’s blog.

Kitty Go: People have this notion that high society people are special, they’re put on a pedestal and they have an impression that they lead perfect lives and they have very good marriages and they have everything that they want but its not true. High society people end up having the most problems and the most dysfunctional families, they have the biggest secrets and um, usually when you find out the secrets um, you realize that you life is probably better than theirs. Coz you know a lot of high society people you know, are simp…are simply a waste of space. That’s just space in the world, they should just not exist.

Nadia Trinidad: Aminado siyang tila malabo nga na mabayaran pa si Brian ng kanyang ex pero kung may isang malinaw na naibunga ang blog ng Australyano ito raw ay ang pagmumulat sa mga Pilipino sa ilang sakit ng kanilang lipunan.

She believes that it may be impossible for Brian to get his money back. However, if there’s something good that his blog will bring, it would be exposing Filipinos to their own social problems.

Kitty Go: Brian is a foreigner, and you know the thing in the Philippines is um, you have to wait until and outsider or a foreigner tells you or complains before you can validate it which is really silly but um, somebody had to do it. The idealist in me is hoping that this blog is gonna bring down the media, that has been irresponsible and bring down all that whole “Gucci Gang” and they just, just be hanged from their Hermes belts!

Nadia Trinidad: Pero ang tanong, paano na ang mga inosenteng taong nadadawit?

However, another question remains, how about the innocent people being dragged?

Kitty Go: For me, its sorry na lang. Why did you live your life so blatantly and so flaboyantly? Someone is bound to find out, if its not Brian, its gonna be me!

Nadia Trinidad: Bago matapos ang taon, ilalabas daw ni Go ang isa pang aklat ng mas marami pang blind items. Para sa Bandila, Nadia Trinidad.

By year end, Go will release a third book of more items. For Bandila, Nadia Trinidad.

For more on Brian Gorrell and his saga, please visit this site:

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