poorly paid Chinese flight attendant battles to return to NZ

Source: WikipediaNew Zealand Herald: Chinese flight attendant battles to return to NZ
By Lincoln Tan

(Excerpt) The $530-a-month base salary Crystal Zeng received as an Air New Zealand steward was “miserable”, but what was worse for her were the working conditions.

“I remember feeling the pain when I see the others being able to go out to party while we don’t even have enough money for movies and McDonald’s,” she told the Weekend Herald. (Full Story)



The only time

The only time our politicians are telling the truth is when they accuse each other of lying and being corrupt.

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Filipino nurses in NZ living in `slave labour’ conditions

New Zealand Herald: Filipino nurses living in `slave labour’ conditions
By Simon Collins

(Excerpt) Filipino nurses are being forced to work in what health officials describe as “slave labour” conditions in New Zealand rest homes to pay off often-exorbitant fees to recruitment agents and loan sharks.

A Weekend Herald investigation has found that some nurses are paying several times the true costs for work permits, bridging courses and registration in New Zealand, and are then bonded to work for up to three years at low wages in rest homes. (Full Story)

New Zealand Herald: [New Zealand] Immigration staff’s ignorance appalls migrants

By Lincoln Tan

(Excerpt) As more New Zealand residents quit the country, wannabe Kiwis say the key obstacle to calling Aotearoa home is the Immigration Service.

Long delays, missing documents and a lack of general knowledge among immigration officers were just some of the things residency applicants who spoke to the Herald complained of. (Full Story)

another problem of the Philippines

Another problem is Filipinos who hate their own people and their country.  They are the loudest and the first to criticize anything and everything about the Philippines and its people yet they’re not helping to improve the situation.

I bet you, when these people get elected or hold public office they will be corrupt. get rid of these types of people and that will solve 25% of the other problems.

(this was my response to a similar question on Yahoo! Answers)

Breaking News: EO 464 lifted

Source: WikipediaMarch 5, 2008 04:43 PM: ABS-CBN News Channel reports that President Gloria Arroyo has lifted EO 464 effective immediately.

The revocation will allow government officials to answer Senate inquiries without her prior consent.

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Clinton takes key primary polls

(Excerpt) Hillary Clinton has revived her campaign for the US presidency with projected primary election wins in three states.US media say she has taken the Democratic primary polls in Texas, Ohio and Rhode Island. The results of caucus meetings in Texas are not yet known.Rival Democrat Barack Obama took the primary in the state of Vermont. BBC News Full Story

This is indeed great news for the Clinton campaign after several set backs. I really wish she wins the Democratic nominations and become the United States President.

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