Pepsi Deluxe


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I visited a local 7-11 convenience store to buy something to drink. I was looking a the chilled drinks section and saw the items above. These are new Pepsi variants under the Deluxe brand. Apparently Deluxe is marketed as a premium zero calorie cola. It currently comes in two flavors, Strawberry and Creme and Crème Caramel. Its contained in a 250ml can, smaller than regular 330ml soda cans. 7-11 sell the cola for PHP 20.00 each or roughly USD 0.50

There is nothing deluxe about Deluxe. It is still cola but you’ll get a hint of strawberry creme and caramel creme with every sip. If you’re looking for a strawberry or caramel hit, I suggest to either eat real strawberries and caramel with cream. For me, I’ll just stick to Pepsi Max or Coke Zero.

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