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ABS-CBN News: Conservatives Now Control CBCP; Bishops Won’t Join Resign-GMA Calls

(Excerpt) Those hoping for a collective voice from the Catholic bishops regarding renewed calls for President Arroyo’s resignation are in for a big disappointment. The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) is unlikely to push the envelope further.

I am glad that the CBCP is wise enough to recognize that removing PGMA or calling for her resignation is not the best way to solve corruption in the Philippines. 

If we kick out PGMA and the current government WILL NEVER solve the social, economic and political cancer of the Philippines.  We may yet again end up with a far worse leader.

ABS-CBN News: Arroyo orders release of P750 M for unified ID card system

(Excerpt) President Arroyo has ordered the release of P750 million to the National Statistics Office (NSO) for the implementation of the Unified Multi-purpose Identification System (UMIDS).

Finally a universal ID system for the Philippines.  This will help make government services faster as one ID will be enough.  This is not an anti-privacy measure.

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