Anger over council boss’ secret payoff – The Dominion Post

The Dominion Post: Anger over council boss’ secret payoff

(excerpt) Council officials have been sworn to secrecy about a $280,000 golden handshake for their former chief executive – who also gets to keep a new car worth $45,000.

In New Zealand, public service or the bureaucracy is run like a private corporation, therefore most agencies, ministries and local governments (LGU) will have their chief executives.  In the Kapiti Coast District, the LGU’s chief exec quit his job and was given a separation pay, in Philippine peso terms (NZD 1 = PHP 32), PHP 8,960,000 and a 2007 model Peugeot 407 worth PHP 1,440,000.

What a big amount for someone who worked for five months in a five year contract!

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