The 10 Ways to be Annoying

1. While in a crowded elevator, bus or MRT, shout “Ang Baho-baho dito!” (It so stinky here!)

2. In a place where there are security guards order them to arrest any random person in the vicinity.

3. When answering or picking up a cellphone or landline call say “Hello mommy,” in a childish fashion.

4. Slap people in their forehead, chin or cheeks and tell them that you’re trying to smack a mosquito.

5. In a check-out counter at a supermarket or department store as the cashier if they accept payment in hugs.

6. Ask for tampons in your nearest sari-sari store and if they don’t know what it is ask them to search for it on Wikipedia.

7. Go to your hardware store and ask if they have a “flux capacitor” for time travel.

8. Visit your local civil registrar and file for a petition to change your first name to C3PO and last name to R2D2.

9. Vist your bank and insist they change your P1000.00 to Marcos era P2.00 bills.

10. Call a telephone operator and ask to place a collect call to Santa Claus. Tags:

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