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Quezon City court issues TRO against AGB Nielsen

Philippine Entertainment Portal | News | FIRST READ ON PEP: Quezon City court issues TRO against AGB Nielsen

The World’s Gonna Love You Charice Pempengco!

Source: WikipediaFifteen-year-old Filipina singer, Charice Pempengco was a guest last 19 December 2007 on The Ellen Degeneres Show. She flew all the way to the United States to be on the show. Ellen said that she discovered her on YouTube.

Watch her outstanding performance:

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Ugly Betty Seaon 2 Episode 10 "Bananas for Betty" Quote:

(Before an office paintball gun fight)

Amanda Tanen (Becky Newton): You’re gonna taste the wrath of my dog’s vengeance!

Nick Pepper (Max Greenfield): You don’t even know what wrath means!

Amanda Tanen (Becky Newton): So, I know you’re gonna taste it!

An Elevator Episode

Source: WikipediaLast Wednesday, I has going back to our office from lunch. I was with four friends. We took an elevator from the ground floor to our floor. The elevator was packed with other employees from our company. There were two tall guys who I assume were African-American.

My friends and I were talking about work and our lives in Filipino and one of the tall guys uttered, “I hope these guys are not talking about us in Tagalog or Cebuano.” The other guy was about to respond when the elevator stopped at their floor and they left.

After the two left, the four of us look at each other. One friend said, “But were we talking about them at all in the first place?” I said, “Now we are!” Another answered, “Are they paranoid or what?” After that, we just all laughed.

Night shift to be classified as ‘probable’ cancer cause

Overnight shift to be classified as ‘probable’ cancer cause –

More immigrants to NZ, but flight to Aussie continues apace

More immigrants, but flight to Aussie continues apace – 20 Nov 2007 – Immigration news – NZ Herald

Hangover? Just call 0800 DAY OFF

Hangover? Just call 0800 DAY OFF – New Zealand news on