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Krispy Kreme Mega Mall Branch

This is my first post under the Mystery Shopping category.

I visited the SM Mega Mall branch of Krispy Kreme last Saturday at about 10:30 AM. I was to meet a close friend that day and needed a place to wait. I could have stayed at any of the two branches of Starbucks Coffee but I thought that I’ve been to that café too many times so I headed for Krispy Kreme.

As we all know, Krispy Kreme is a US doughnuts franchise that is expanding outside of its home market. It was brought to Philippine shores by the owners of Max’s Restaurant.

This is visit is only my second time to visit the store. The first one was about four to five months ago, I lost count. However, I do remember that in my first visit I bought a dozen Krispy Kreme doughnuts for the first time. I guess I got curious because you always see product placements all over US movies and television shows, I might as well know what the fuss is all about.

Anyway back to my story, as I enter the store I was courteously greeted “good morning” by the staff. I approached the store’s doughnut display at the counter to see if any new doughnut flavor would tickle my fancy. In less than thirty seconds I was asked by counter staff of my order, I did not answer immediately but was given a free sample of their “Original Glazed.” I told him that I’m interested in coffee and was told about their different coffee styles and flavors.

Not only do they offer brewed coffee, they also serve espresso drinks (cappuccino, latte, etc) as well as cold drinks which directly compete with the Frappuccino of Starbucks. I settled for a medium sized Smooth Roast brewed coffee and ordered two of their classic doughnuts. I was offered hazelnut syrup on my coffee which I accepted. The order cost me about PHP 120.00 or about USD 2.65. The store also accepts Visa, Mastercard and BPI cards.

The entire transaction was done in two minutes. I sat on one of the three circular booths and read the in-store copy of The Philippine Star. Liquid milk, stirrers, sugar and serviettes are available on top of a box near the EDSA entrance.

Service and cleanliness is excellent. The taste is too sweet. The syrup which was added to my coffee made it too sweet as well. Without the syrup I know my coffee would taste better. The price of the doughnuts is high end compared to Dunkin’Donuts, the price of the coffee products are 20 percent cheaper than Starbucks.

Alfresco dining is available for smokers. Seating outside is ample and an evaporative fan is used to relieve the heat.

If only management can think of a low sugar, low carb or sugar-free varieties of doughnuts, there is no way that I’ll visit this store in the next few weeks. People will get type two diabetes if they eat at this place weekly not unless they burn the extra calories and take their medicine, supplements and/or insulin.

Over-all I rate this place: 3/5

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