New Phone

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Last Saturday, June 30, I bought a new mobile phone.  It is a Nokia 6300.  The price was about PHP12,500 or around USD275.

I had to buy a new phone because my old one, the Nokia 3230 is nearing the end of its life.  I kid you not, my old phone goes loco every Saturday.  It just turns on and off.  It does not happen anytime of the week.  Its so weird so I just had to replace it.

The phone is ok.  What I really like about Nokias than any other mobile phone manufacturer is that they have Tagalog predictive text input.  No other phone has that.

Like anyone else, if I had more money I would buy a more expensive and top of the line model like the Nokia N95Nokia E65, Nokia E61iSonyEricsson P1O2 xda Zinc, or an HTC Touch

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