Rock Da Vote: A Night at the Museum

Last night I went with a friend to watch the last show of “Rock Da Vote” at the Music Museum, San Juan.  It was very funny and entertaining. It featured acts from the following talents: Jon Santos, Tessie Tomas, John Lapus, Candy Pangilinan and Pooh.

The audience was entertained by numerous acts such as “Political Dreamgirls (featuring Ate Vi, Gloring and Cory Anino)” and “Kapamilya Deal or Not a Deal (Kris Anino and Tessie Anino)”

For those who are not familiar, Rock Da Vote is an every election season only political comedy show that started 15 years ago.  It features stand-up comedy acts from the best impersonators about and anything related to the upcoming elections.

The following are YouTube videos related to the show:

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