PLDT Internet

For the Nth time I went to Globlines Payments and Service to follow-up on a landline application and as expected Globe still does not have an available line for my house.  It seems that Globe Telecom has no plans to expand its services in my area.  I would have been a good Globelines customer, dumping PLDT altogether and getting Globe landlines.  Too bad, I am just small fish for Globe.

I now surrender to this fact and while it pains me I have no other choice but to embrace the Evil Empire that is PLDT.  Today, I went to a PLDT office in Ortigas and signed-up for PLDT myDSL Internet Plan 999 (512 kbps).

After signing the application form I was given an “service order number” as a proof that my application is on queue.  I will hear from PLDT linemen in a few days.  Frankly, I am not in a hurry to get DSL they can take their time.

 One thing I am looking forward to when I have a high-speed connection is that I can now listen to FM stations all over the world, podcasts and watch YouTube better.

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