Elections 2007

In May 2007 millions of eligible Filipino voters would be voting for senators, congressmen, party list, governors and deputy governors, provincial councilors, mayors and vice-mayors, and city or municipal councilors.  Eligible Filipinos overseas would be able to vote for senators and party list.

I however am not eligible to vote for this year’s election because I was not able to transfer my registration from New Zealand to the Philippines.  When I visited the local COMELEC office the cut-off was too long ago.

While I am not able to vote now my only wish is for every Pinoy voter to vote for better candidates.

People who does not deserve to win (in no particular order):
1. actors and actresses who are unexperienced, uneducated and who just think that they can win any election because they are stars.
2. relatives and siblings of government officials
3. coup plotters and destabilizers
4. turncoat politicians

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