Getting a Globelines Service

For more than eight months now I have been visiting Globlines Payments and Services offices.  I have been inquiring and following-up on a telephone line application with ADSL (broadband).  Apparently, all Globelines circuits are full in my area. 

It seems that every other house in my neighborhood is connected to Globelines.  I was told by the company staff that I had to wait for a line to be disconnected or wait for the company to expand.

While PLDT is available in my area and already have a PLDT post-paid line I prefer not to have another PLDT phone or get PLDT internet services.  While it offers a lot of discounts in calling our relatives throughout the Philippines and friends with Smart mobile phones I know for a fact that its ADSL service is so lousy and expensive based on the numerous complaints of subscribers.

So here I am, still waiting, ranting and frustrated.

Vivo City

Last October 2006 I visited Singapore for the fourth time.  I had to fly (Philippines to Singapore via Tiger Airways and Singapore to Philippines via Singapore Airlines, long story) to Singapore because my accumulated milage from Krisflyer is to expire that year.

During my short visit I went to possibly the newest and most beautiful mall in South East Asia, Vivo City.  This mall is located in the Harbour Front which is in southern tip of the island and fronting Sentosa Island.

The mall was on its pre-opening stage as there were still shops under construction.  However, most of its major tenants are already operating such a Tangs, VivoMart/Giant Hypermarket, The GAP (the first GAP store in S.E. Asia), etc.

I must say that the design of this four level mall is very post-modern.  The façade is unique.  Inside the mall the hall ways are very wide which lets you feel that you are in a really massive building. 

The mall’s promenade was also a visual delight it is also wide and adorned with many fountains.  I was informed that the concierge staff in the promenade ride Segways to travel from area to area.

 I would love to visit this mall again in the future especially now that all the shops have opened.

Vivo City Photos (Source: VivoCity – Wikipedia):
Vivo City - outside 

Vivo City - Panoramic

Vivo City - inside

Mobile phone operators fined for SMS spam

Smart, Globe, content firms fined for text spam (by and from, 06 Feb 2007)

The National Telecommunications Commission on Tuesday fined leading mobile phone companies Smart Communications Inc. and Globe Telecom, along with a number of content providers, for violating regulations against text spam, or the mass sending of unsolicited messages.

Obviously these operators deserve to be punished. They really send spam SMS to your mobile whether or not they are free or with cost it is an unnecessary nuisance. 

Elections 2007

In May 2007 millions of eligible Filipino voters would be voting for senators, congressmen, party list, governors and deputy governors, provincial councilors, mayors and vice-mayors, and city or municipal councilors.  Eligible Filipinos overseas would be able to vote for senators and party list.

I however am not eligible to vote for this year’s election because I was not able to transfer my registration from New Zealand to the Philippines.  When I visited the local COMELEC office the cut-off was too long ago.

While I am not able to vote now my only wish is for every Pinoy voter to vote for better candidates.

People who does not deserve to win (in no particular order):
1. actors and actresses who are unexperienced, uneducated and who just think that they can win any election because they are stars.
2. relatives and siblings of government officials
3. coup plotters and destabilizers
4. turncoat politicians


In my old blogs under blogger I use the name October30. It is a name based on the day I first arrived in New Zealand, October 30, 2002.  Since I am back in the Philippines, living  in it’s largest city its just fitting to be renamed the Ciudadista.  It is a Spanish term for someone from the city.  I would have used the Urbanite but its owned by someone else.

I started blogging in 2003 as a way for me to keep my self busy while living in New Zealand. I have stopped for some time as I have become very busy. During that hiatus I have decided to continue blogging.

I write anything that fancy’s my mind. Opinions, recipies, rants, rumours, anything, there’s nothing really impossible not to write about.

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