Asians in NZ subjected to racism, study finds

A study in New Zealand confirms that most Asian in New Zealand are victims of discrimination.

Quoted from: Asians in NZ subjected to racism, study finds. 14.09.05 NZ Herald

Asians in NZ subjected to racism, study finds14.09.05 1.00pm

Many Asians living in New Zealand are subjected to some form of racism, a new study has found.

The Asia New Zealand Foundation report, Engaging Asian Communities in New Zealand, revealed the most common form of racism was verbal abuse and rude gestures, often by teenagers or children.

Overt racism included damage to cars identifiable as Asian-owned, having bottles or stones thrown at them, and being mocked for poor pronunciation.

Asia New Zealand’s research director, Dr Rebecca Foley, said the main purpose of the research was to look at ways that engagement between various Asian communities and other communities happened — “or does not happen, as the case may be”

Quoted from: Many Asians in NZ suffer racism – study. 14.09.05.

In employment, for instance, some felt they missed out on jobs and promotions because of their ethnicity, and workmates pretended not to understand them or patronised them. Some Asians reported being deliberately misunderstood in shops, cafes or a supermarket “in order to humiliate”, being snubbed by other mothers in schools when greeting their children and being avoided in public places, like a swimming pool.

Dr Foley said the report went beyond research on what problems Asian migrants face and examined what worked in terms of engaging with the host community.

New Zealand employers were often reluctant to employ new migrants, claiming they would not have “local knowledge”