Don’t you hate it when you receive hoax and chain e-mails?

I cannot understand why people are so dumb despite earning tertiary qualifications and years of schooling. I am referring to dumb and gullible people who just forward or post every hoax and chain e-mail or text message they receive on their inboxes. I am sure I am not alone.

They are also cowards as they are afraid to use their logic and commonsense in analysing the content of hoax and chain e-mails before they hit the forward button.

They are also irresponsible as they do not care of any adverse effects to communities or industries of their e-mail forwarding. For example, the hoax “Zulican” virus e-mail and text message that is claimed to be infecting seafood in Asia due to the tsunami disaster has spread faster than influenza. Little do these people know that forwarding such messages only destroy the lives of those dependent on the seafood industry.

How many times do we have to explain to them that they won’t get rich, die lonely and single or not be infected by flesh eating bacteria just by forwarding e-mail!

Despite Telecom’s efforts Vodafone has more customers

Vodafone adds 74,000 in fourth quarter

In the latest subscriber numbers released by GSM operator Vodafone New Zealand. The Kiwi arm of Vodafone plc has gained 74,000 more subscribers. (Seventy nine percent of Vodafone subscribers are prepay.)

This is a surprise despite CDMA operator Telecom New Zealand’s efforts to get more subscribers from Vodafone. Last year, the 027 network offered NZD 10.00 unlimited national and international person to person texting. A few months later the offer was modified to 500 national person to person texting for NZD 10.00 guaranteed until the end of next year.

As for me I will be sticking with Vodafone as it is the only network that lets me send text messages to family and friends in the Philippines and around the world. CDMA phones are also useless in countries where GSM networks only exist.

TelstraClear Homeplan

TelstraClear is the alternative telephone company in New Zealand. It is a far second from the dominant Telecom New Zealand (much like PLDT in the Philippines). It is the New Zealand subsidiary of Telstra, Australia’s biggest telecommunications firm.

Before, TelstraClear land line and cable tv services (Saturn TV) are limited to Wellington, the Kapiti Coast and Christchurch where it has built its own network. Since November last year it can now serve almost everyone in New Zealand. It can do this by leasing the local phone network of Telecom New Zealand. This new service is called Homeplan.

Starting from NZD 39.85 (PHP 1582.00) for line rental, local calling and white pages listing. The incentive of joining this service is that the more toll calls you make the lesser the phone line rental gets. For example, toll calls from NZD 20.00 to 39.99 attract a NZD 5.00 discount on line rental. Toll calls worth more than NZD 200.00 attract free line rental.

The jury is still out whether this scheme will make Telecom customers switch to TelstraClear. It should be noted that Telecom through its Australian subsidiary AAPT has a similar land line rental service.

The De Soto Delusion?

The De Soto Delusion

Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Phantom of the Opera

I have seen this movie exactly last week. I have never read the book or seen the stage musical but I think this movie is beautiful. It is not as great as Moulin Rouge but it is a close second.

My favourite scene was the “Masquerade” number.

Minnie Driver who played Carlotta was superb. Her performance was the best.

Miranda Richardson portrayal of Madame Giry was notable too.

where is my blog archive?

I don’t know what went or but I can’t find this blog’s archive links on the main page.

Sorry for any inconvenience to my blog readers.

new year new job

Its a prayer answered. I never thought I will find a new job.

I have started training for a new job. All the new information about organisational and client policies is finding a way to stick into my mind.

After ten days of intense training I’ll be dealing with clients all day long.