they’re not chosen on by how much money they’ll send

And do the New Zealand government really want NZ $ to be filtering out of the country to the bank accounts of poor Filipino realtives back home.


The quote comes from a person claiming to be a Filipina named “Mae” and is against Filipinos migrating into New Zealand with silly and illogical reasons. It was posted on a message board. The poster received quite a lot of “heated” replies.

In my opinion the New Zealand government does not care if their nationals, residents or foreign workers send their money overseas to any of their ‘poor’ relatives anywhere in the world. What workers in New Zealand send to their relatives is usually about a quarter of the amout they earn. The remaining 75 percent of what migrants earn here are spent on rent or mortgage, utility bills, food and many more, in short the monies they earn go back to the New Zealand economy.

New Zealand does not choose individuals for migrants on the basis of how much will they send to their “poor” overseas relatives. They are chosen by how their skills will benefit New Zealand as a whole.

To uninformed people like the one above I suggest that you study and verify your rationale first.

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