moving house

Since Monday until last Wednesday I have been moving. It has been a very taxing experience to the mind and body. I can tell you that I would not want to move again.

I had so much things in my room that I had to organise in boxes of plastic bags and also had to throw in the trash. I think all my things excluding my clothes in suitcases and furniture would require six boxes the ones used for 17-inch computer monitors and that was just my room.

Wednesday night was the first night in the new house. My room still has some paint fumes that night.

To date I had moved my room furniture three times to get a good view of the TV and close enough to the windownot to mention be close to power points and the phone line without much cabling.

My body in still in pain. This is the second time I took two Ibuprofen pills. My body aches from the my head to my toes because of too much carrying.

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