The Strip

Welcome to The Strip

The Strip is for me an innovative TV comedy. It the story of the people working, managing and around the “Man Alive” male strip club owned by Melissa Walker.

The show starts when Melissa finds out that her husband is having an affair with another man. Depressed by this situation she began to wonder if she was happy in her life. As a complete life make-over she buys a strip club in Wellington’s red light district.

Who would have thought that one can make a comedy around a strip club. It is not the best comedy in the world today but it is quality.

(The show is not about prostitution and endless and senseless sex scenes and exposure of half naked men.)

The show is produced by the Gibson Group a Wellington based television production company. It was shown on TV3 last year. The third season will be shown this year and may compete with TV One‘s Six Feet Under broadcast.

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