In this part of the world where I am CDs can cost from anywhere from $15-20 (US dollars).  I have found a better and cheaper way of buying CDs and that is buying it from EBAY!

There are many “rare” CDs there which start from $0.99 each.  Delivery is actually more expensive than the cost of the item.  Delivery is about $5-8.  Although the shipping cost is higher than the actual item the bottom line is that it is cheaper to buy from overseas.


US has bowed down to terrorists before – Jul. 21, 2004

US has bowed down to terrorists before – Jul. 21, 2004

I did not know that the US has bowed to terrorist demands before. Thanks to the writer of this opinion article.

Singapore will never negotiate with terrorists – Jul. 21, 2004

Singapore will never … – Jul. 21, 2004

Singapore’s security minister say that his nation will not negotiate with terrorists.

I dare Singapore to send army troops to Iraq.

They don’t understand all sides of the situation.

Talk is cheap as always!

Bunye on Jay Leno’s … – Jul. 18, 2004

Bunye on Jay Leno’s wisecrack: It ain’t funny – Jul. 18, 2004

To know more about the jokes of Jay Leno please visit the link as it is not funny.

That is why I don’t watch Jay Leno’s shows since way back in the Philippines. His jokes are way ‘below the belt.’

David Letterman is better. I just wish he does not do a Jay Leno.


Australia bans Philippine bananas and other fruit imports due to its claims of phytosanitary threats. 


The pytosanitary claims I believe are unfounded as New Zealand also and continues to import the same Philippine bananas and pineapples.  (New Zealand by the way has very strict phytosanitary regulations.)  I believe other Filipino fruits are exported to ‘developed’ nations without this phystosanitary issue.


This import ban is just another barrier to free trade.  This is unfair.


Selfish interests still abound.


I am disappointed by the United States government in their response to the hostage crisis.  All they can say is that they do not do deals with terrorists.  If they have the best military forces in the world why can’t they save the life of de la Cruz and the other hostages or even stop these Iraqi militants?


Because of the Philippine government’s action I bet the US government will bully the Philippines  yet again.  Bullying as an action they do best especially to poor republics.


While I am disappointed by the Bush administration I do not hate the United States and its citizens.  It is sad to realise that the great United States of America is being used for the selfish interests of a few.

Diplomatic row: New Zealand vs Israel

A court in Auckland has sentenced two Israelis, Eli Cara and Urie Kelman (alledged to be members of Israeli intelligence, Mossad agents) for fraudulently acquiring New Zealand passports. They were sentenced to a jail term of six months and NZD 50,000 each as reparation to the NZ Cerebral Palsy Society. The man whose identity they used has cerebral palsy.

The two men were arrested by New Zealand police last March 2004. New Zealand since then has demanded an apology from Israel.

Now, as a consequence of the conviction the government has suspended diplomatic ties with Israel until the later gives an apology. Prime Minister Helen Clark has described the incident as a breech of the nation’s sovereignty and international laws.

(Source: Passport case hurts ties with Israel, One News, TVNZ)

Why do they want a New Zealand passport? Some conspiracy theorists suggest that claiming as New Zealanders they can infiltrate organisations that has dealings with Israel’s ‘enemies’ as New Zealand is seen as a friendly and neutral nation. I think I read this on a Herald feature months ago.

We live in mysterious days…