I am craving for hot noodle soup dishes.  This is probably due to the very cold weather in they city and all over New Zealand.

Last night, I was determined to cook “Curry Laksa.”  This dish is often present in the menus of Malaysian or Singaporean restaurants here.

This dish is, as the name suggest is a curry but with noodles.

To cook this dish I had to go to the supermarket to buy a Curry Laksa soup base in can ($2.75).  I went to the Asian grocery to buy 500g fresh noodles ($1.75), fried tofu ($2.75), three pieces of chicken drumsticks ($2.50), small bag of mung bean sprouts ($1.50) and a small fish fillet ($1.75).

When I got home I dumped the ingredients (excluding the noodles) to the sauce pan and waited for the chicken to cook.

The result of this experiment is good enough but not as good as the restaurants that I frequent.

I’m still craving for this until now.  I may drag my friend to eat with me at an Asian food court tonight.

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