About two days ago while eating at a fastfood restaurant I overheard a conversation between two friends “guy” and “gal.” They were sitting beside me and they were talking quite loud.

Guy was talking about seeing Gal’s other friend, X in his church last weekend. Gal said, “oh, really!” Guy said X really enjoyed the service. According to him, X loved the format and the friendly atmosphere of their church service. Guy also added that X will be in his church more often.

The pleasant conversation took a different turn when Gal asked if one goes to a particular church because the services is more entertaining than the other one. Guy said entertainment was not that important but it can encourage people to worship. Gal replied in these exact words, “you don’t go to church to watch a show or concert so that you are stimulated to worship, you go there because it is your obligation to your Creator in return for giving you life and blessings.”

My mobile phone rang, it was my dad calling me. After my five minute conversation Guy and Gal left…

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