Get Real Philippines site, a review

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I saw this website on another blog’s links. I visited it before and visited it again just now when it appeared on the address bar while typing my club’s Yahoo! Geocities homepage. It was another adventure to weird and wacky sites…

This website seemed to be a repository of mostly articles from Filipino columnists. (The articles seemed to be illegally syndicated aka copyright infringement.) The author writes a few words too.

Does this give an accurate view of the Philippines? No. These are the works of radicalist and cynics hoping to win their agendas. The ideas and wordings are no different to left-wing or right-wing groups anywhere. Some of the complaints against Filipino society and culture are also observable in other cultures like Indian, Chinese, New Zealander, to name a few.

The view is rather simplistic probably parochial is much more fitting term.

Is it credible? Yes and No. The columnists whose works are posted there are credible but the author I do not think so. What is his credentials to declare such claims?

It seems that they have an on going discussion on various internet forums. (I was tempted to join and post comments on the forums but decided that my time and bandwidth not to mention my brain have better priorities. Anyway, I do not join internet discussion boards as a personal policy.) If the people who own this website are serious with their agenda to improve the Philippines why do they have to hide behind aliases? Why push their agendas only to internet forums only which have limited reach? I consider them as cowards.

I think my counter arguments to this site has been aired through the letters pages.

Visitors must read with caution as most of the ideas borders impossibility and short sightedness. If one disagrees with the content do not send an email to the webmaster. The author might even enjoy receiving hate mail.

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