The latest NZ national budget

Business News – Budget boosts families incomes over three years

As a person coming from the developing world reports from other countries that enjoy big budget surpluses or have so much money are things people like me can only wish for for our countries. Instead of hearing good news about our economies or improving quality of life we get stupid filibustering politicians, brainless leaders and a mixture of scandals and destabilisation plots.

I just wish that countries like New Zealand will spend their extra money to help those who really need them and sectors that need the most funding or assistance. One of my wishes is that they can help their young people get quality education without borrowing too much money. I also wish that their people can get the best health care possible so that they do not need to wait in long queues/waiting lists or spend so much from their pockets to pay for treatments.

On the other hand, New Zealanders and other citizens of the rich nations must count their blessings as their governments that are active in the redistribution of wealth are rare. I do not think there are many governments in Asia, Latin America, Eastern Europe and Africa that are capable of this feat.

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