I saw this movie a few hour ago. It was a delightful apocalyptic movie.

It is a very political movie that presents the consquences of us not caring enough for the environment.

This is an M – memorable and would be one of my favourite disaster movies of all time. This is far better than Volcano and Deep Impact.

SPOILERS (in white text colour):
In the movie…
The northern USA states will be frozen as today’s south pole including Canada, UK, Italy, Japan, big parts of China.
US citizens will become refugees in Mexico but were not welcomed until the US President promised to forgive all Latin American debt! HAHAHA!
The southern hemisphere and those close to the equator will be spared.
In the movie the US president looked like Al Gore and the VP who eventually took over looked like Dick Chaney.

Governments and the private sector must invest and push for environment friendly machineries now or we will soon suffer.

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