Meg Cabot

Meg Cabot is the author of the successful “The Princess Diaries” series of books. Her first Princess Diaries book has been turned into a movie.

I discovered this author by accident as I was looking for love stories or romantic novels on the internet. When I first visited her site I learned that she was allowing her fans to view a draft of her then new book titled, “The Guy Next Door.” This booked seemed revolutionary to me as the story is told through the e-mail correspondence of the characters.

I loved that novel it was funny and I thought that the characters were well developed although the reader was just reading their emails. I must admit that I am such a sucker for rom-com (romantic comedy) type of stories.

Now I’m half way in Meg’s new book “Boy Meets Girl” and I think this is even funnier. Like “The Guy Next Door” the story is about another employee of the NY Journal.

Her books are not works of art or probably won’t make it to Oprah’s Book Club but people like me just want to be entertained some how and she fills that need.

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