A Unique Funny Moment

About two in the moring today I was in bed and watching BBC World to make me fall asleep. Unfortunately I was not able get some sleep because minutes later a fire truck was infront of my flat. They were not using their loud siren but the sound of the engine can drive anyone crazy. Thank God there was no fire in my building and the surrounding area. But I cannot understand why are they there. Since I cannot possibly drive the fire truck and men away I tried to ignore them by countinuing to watch BBC World.

Lyse Doucet was the current presenter and reported about Denmark’s Crown Prince weds Australian commoner. Lyse had a guest who commented on the wedding. The lady guest told that there were at least 20 European princesses who are still single for those princes looking for brides. This guest joked to Lyse and said that Lyse can be a bride of one of Europe’s princes. Lyse who sounded embarassed said to the effect that the guest cannot say what was said on BBC World. I think that dialogue was hilarious. It was totally unexpected as I can only expect that kind of interludes on US networks like CNN and NBC’s Today. I wonder what Lyse really thought of that comment?

I wish I can see more of these incidents on BBC World.

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