The Good Pope

I’ve just finished watching the DVD “The Good Pope.” It is the story of Blessed Pope John XXIII. His story was very inspiring. The Good Pope was played by Bob Hoskins. I managed to watch the movie on a faulty DVD.

The Good Pope was the one responsible for the Holy Mass to be celebrated in our native tongues through his initiation of the Second Vatican Council. Although I do not see anything evil to use Latin but we must ultimately understand what are the readings and gospel are. I guess a lot of those against the change believed that it would change the way the Mass is celebrated world wide. In my experience the format is the same every where you go except the language used and the songs.

It made me think. How in God’s name can some people say such negative things against the Roman Catholics and their Church if they’ve got many notable people who have been role models and have changed lives for the better?

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