Poor Enbrethiliel she is complaining about those who abuse the welfare system. She thinks this is an unfare system for the tax payers. She has good reason but again let us be reasonable. Surely there are abuses in the welfare system but I still believe that most who are in welfare benefits have genuine and honest reasons.

I asked Enbrethiliel of what her alternatives were to the current system and she said that those on welfare can ask their friends and family to help them. You see it is not easy to ask help from families and friends. Most of them have their own families to support and bills to pay (eg. mortgage). It is easier said than done. Asking from friends and family may not work in societies with weak family networks and even those societies with weak nuclear families.

If we remove some welfare benefits what would happen? On one hand people will become more independent and start to become more productive and be better members of society. On the other hand we can have people who will turn into crime for “income.”

If we want to purge the system for those who use it as a piggy bank we need new measures that would ensure that ONLY those with real needs get state aid. Such measures can be maximum weeks of support and a state and privately operated employment agency wherein all those in the welfare must participate.

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